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Tribal groups

Over the years, the Likatier tribe has developed into a melting pot of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, backgrounds, mentality, language and nationality. While in the early years there was only a small circle of friends from indigenous tribes born in Füssen and the surrounding area, soon people of all ages came to the tribe from other parts of Germany, but also from Austria, Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Laos and South Africa, for example. At the same time, of course, the number of tribal members increased considerably.

When in 1985 the tribe was so big that the need for smaller, manageable social units among the members became more and more noticeable, the Likatiern were the birth of the five social groups that still exist today. For each of the tribal groups there were about six founding members, about half each male and female. Although the composition of the groups seemed to be rather arbitrary, it became apparent right from the beginning that there were certain similarities among the members of a group, which became increasingly clear as characteristics of the individual groups. When they were founded, the groups gave themselves the names that are still valid today: Campari, Bomb, Eloeme, Secret and Zoo.

The "social groups", which have met at irregular intervals since then and deal with a variety of cultural and social topics, also take on various tasks within the tribe, such as looking after guests, travelling to other communities, organising festivals, etc. The "social groups" are responsible for a wide range of activities. The allocation to the groups is not made seriously according to the characteristics of the groups, and new memberships depend largely on the sympathy and liking of the applicant.

In 1994, nine years after the foundation of the social groups and 20 years after the foundation of the tribe, the first children of the Likatier tribe had grown up to adolescents, and the tribal youth group "New Comer" was founded. It is actually not a "tribal group" in the narrower sense, but a completely unique kind of group, the likatic youth group. The members of the New Comer therefore have the opportunity to become a member of one of the five tribal groups.



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