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Reception parties for tribal members

New tribal members are usually celebrated with a dance party at the Likatiern after the unanimous admission decision by the sword-people community. At the beginning, the head of the tribe or an alternate welcomes the new member to the tribe. Then the whole tribe, including all children and guests, drink to him with a loud "cheers". And then the music sounds through the room and soon creates an exuberant atmosphere. And usually it does not take long until the dance floor is densely filled with wildly dancing people of all ages. In the course of the evening, the newcomer is greeted and embraced by many in a special way.

Reception ceremonies for new tribal members can also look completely different. The person recorded decides for himself what kind of celebration he has in mind. There are no limits to your imagination. The only condition is that the festival includes all tribal members. Some people go out for a big cup of coffee in the open air in a big garden. Others can be celebrated by watching a beautiful film or even go on a longer trip with the tribe and spend the whole day at a lake, for example. And then there is also the possibility that one introduces himself through a slide show or films.





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