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Birthday parties

As different, colourful and splendid as the birthday parties in the tribe may be, they have one thing in common: the birthday child does not lift a finger during the preparation and follow-up. The day belongs entirely to the birthday child, and the tribe, or part of the tribe, is exclusively occupied on this day with the birthday child and his or her welfare. The lasting effect the atmosphere and charisma of the tribal birthday parties have on those involved can be clearly seen in the memories of our children. Birthdays are usually the "highlights" in the experience of children, who forever remember themselves in their souls as the epitome of happiness, enjoyment and being loved. Unforgettable are the long birthday tables with the noble, white tablecloths and the many candles. Unforgettable are the many hands, which already hours before the birthday breakfast lovingly decorate the room and the tables, prepare the favourite dishes and drinks of the birthday child. The tables are elaborately decorated with candlesticks, flowers and glass beads.

At the beginning of the feast table, a selected guest, who is particularly close to the birthday child, rises to a feast speech, which should usually be very intimate, profound and solemn. Then they toast and throw themselves into the opulent feast. The festive breakfast often lasts a few hours. This is followed by afternoon events such as swimming, scavenger hunt for the younger ones, coffee drinking, walks and adult activities on specific topics and questions.

In the evening, a warm and no less lavish feast follows, and afterwards the birthday child invites either to a film evening, a sit-in, a dance party, a poetry reading or to a certain topic, which particularly interests or touches the birthday child. A tribal birthday party is something like an anticipated vision of the tribe members' aspired sympathy, perception, empathy and capacity for love.


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