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in summary
Mother's Day and Father's Day
To celebrate motherhood and to give the mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers the honour to which they are entitled, Mother's Day is celebrated extensively in the tribe of the liqueurs. This is the opportunity for the children and young people to give their mothers a nice day. If possible, this day is celebrated together with the grandmothers or great-grandmothers, all of whom are then spoiled by their descendants. They do not have to make a move and they are not even allowed to enter the kitchen. Sometimes trips are undertaken, garden parties are held or one orientates oneself at the oldest mother in the family and one stays with her in the house and celebrates there. The women and mothers who are not involved in one of these family groups on Mother's Day meet and also have a cosy day, strongly supported by the men who also have no family connection.


Father's Day is also celebrated in the Likatier tribe. The fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers are indeed congratulated by their descendants - unless a young descendant has a tantrum. But the Father's Day celebration does not take place within the family, but is a purely male affair. On Father's Day, for example, all the men of the tribe meet and go somewhere in nature, usually near a body of water in which one can refresh oneself sufficiently again and again. The evocation ritual (invocation) for the male ancestors of the patri line plays an important role on Father's Day. This is the lineage from the father of the father of the father etc. Each man present, especially his ancestors of the patriotic line, calls them to the feast of Father's Day and asks them to participate. After each name is drunk together on the respective ancestors. This ritual continues until all present have named all known patrilinear ancestors. Otherwise, Father's Day is an exuberant celebration that is very strongly marked by male energies. Women are not allowed to participate.





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