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in summary
name day parties
Many Likatier tribal members grew up in Catholic families, where they also got to know the custom of name-day celebrations. In some areas - especially rural areas - the name day was celebrated more than the birthday. Therefore, many tribal members had a connection to celebrate a feast in connection with their own name on a certain day of the year (name day). In the sense that the Likatier tribe develops its own authentic tribal culture, the following cultural genesis emerged. First of all, there was the idea and also the need of many people to give each day of the year its own unmistakable name. However, these day names should have some relation to their own tribal culture. So the tribe decided to introduce the following system of day names:

Each day of the year is named after a tribal member in the chronological order in which they became members of the tribe. The name of the day also includes a Roman numbering showing the number of members with this first name at the time they became members. This is the first day of the Likatien year Wolfgang-I.-Tag, because the founder of the tribe Wolfgang Wankmiller was the first member of the tribe. The second day of the year is called Bernhard I. Day, because one Bernhard was the second to become a member. So every day of the year had a name. After the 366th member (Lamatieden) the days got an equal second name. Since then there has been one day a year for each liqueur named after him. This resulted in a personal reference of the tribal members to this day. The next step was for the Likatier tribe to introduce the day as a name day for the person concerned. So the Likatier name days were introduced. Of course, everyone wanted to celebrate their name day. Although these name day celebrations were less elaborate than the birthday celebrations, there is usually at least one ceremony on that day, for example a festive breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, dinner or an afternoon or evening event. The way and the places of the celebrations are very different. There are no limits to the design.


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