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naming ceremonies

In the Likatien tribe there are special celebrations for the naming of houses, properties and children. With houses and properties it often happens that the naming celebrations take place at the same time as the real estate welcome celebrations.

For the naming ceremony of a newly acquired house the whole tribe is invited to a drink in this house. At the beginning, the names of the house, the courtyard and the individual rooms are announced by the name sponsor. Young and old and child and cone toast each individual name separately. These celebrations have a high quality of closeness and cosiness, because the whole trunk is crowded together in one house, and everyone moves from one room to another to get to know all the rooms with their names. People everywhere drink, laugh, eat, chat and celebrate. Each room has a different, ever-changing atmosphere. You always meet new constellations of people, stay for a while and then move on. If the evening has advanced and many have already gone home, the night owls often sit together in a small circle for hours in increasingly intimate conversations. Late at night we often get down to brass tacks, we ask and tell each other what we wanted to ask or say anyway for a long time. Or all the songs they know are sung well into the night, from Indian songs to Italian tearjerkers to moving old German folk songs like "Am Brunnen vor dem Tore" or "Wahre Freundschaft kann nicht wanken".

The whole tribe is often invited to the naming ceremony of lands that have passed into the possession of the tribe for a drink on the new piece of land. The get-together is then marked by a great pleasure in nature and the embedding of the likatic properties in the wonderful Allgäuer or Außerferner Land. Visions awaken as to how this place is to be used, pictures of this and that possibility are painted together and perhaps very concrete plans are already being drawn up.

The mother usually invites a rather small circle of people who are particularly close to her and her child to coffee and cake for the naming ceremony of a new child who was conceived by a tribal woman. The name is proclaimed by the name spade, it is toasted and one squats together comfortably. With advice and gossip and often also intimate arguments with one of the invited guests or a topic, from which the community is straight concerned. It is always interesting that these kinds of intensive conversations often have nothing to do with the occasion of the celebration, but arise quite organically from the fact that there is a current need for employment on a topic; where one of the guests wants to share a joy or a suffering or where an event of the last days moves those present. So these celebrations in a small circle again and again become a supporting pillar of the social events in the tribe, one remains visible to one another, and not only in the circle of the invited guests, because when they return to work afterwards, they are asked with interest: "What did you talk about?" And so the essential, funny, terrible and pleasing is immediately moved on in the tribe's natural communication system.


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