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in summary
In the latest development of the Likatier tribe, Easter is one of the festivities in the likatic year when the whole tribe gathers for several days to celebrate together. There is a lot of talking, laughing, playing, cooking and eating. And of course the Easter bunny hides its eggs in liqueaties. Children of all ages, including young people, are enthusiastically looking for their Easter nests. If the weather allows it, it prefers to take place somewhere in nature, in bad weather inside a large house. In order to be fair, all children and young people are divided into the different age groups for which the nests have been hidden at appropriate levels of difficulty. Some nests have already been hidden so well that nobody found it, and it only reappeared by chance after years. For the Likatians, Easter is the feast of spring, fertility and the White Goddess (see Mother-Goddess), which is symbolically hidden behind the symbols of the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs. Long before Christianity, our ancestors celebrated this feast in honour of the fertility goddess Ostara.




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