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Resistant to cleaning

Besides Christmas and Easter, the Cleansing Feast is a real highlight in the Liquatic Year. It is the tribal foundation festival, the tribal birthday party, which the liqueurs celebrate more extensively from year to year. It is called Purification Festival, because this festival is also the likatic New Year festival, at which one looks back on the last year, also consciously deals with shedding old ballast (to purify oneself) and to develop visions and goals for the new year. The Likatier see these occupations, both personally and in the tribal sense, as internal processes of renewal and purification from which something new can grow and emerge.

Since the tribe was founded on June 1, 1974, the cleaning festival takes place in the days around June 1. The festival lasts about a week and is a popular meeting place for all tribal members, friends of the tribe, visitors and guests. The exciting and at the same time homely atmosphere on these festive days is characterised by intensive round-the-clock get-togethers, deep social contacts, many conversations, celebrations and games. The children and young people take part in everything, invite their friends to the cleaning festival months before and the protests that the festival was once again far too short are usually big in the end. Experiencing these days gives many Likatiern a promising foretaste of a future common tribal life, in which there is much time for human contacts, interests and needs, as it is still the case in primitive peoples today.

The tribal Olympics, in which various sporting, funny, sensual, gustatory and social disciplines are tested, is a permanent fixture at the tribal festival. The disciplines are designed in such a way that each age group has the same chances and the adult tribal members are often to be found in the back ranks.

The central event is on June 1st, where the Likatians take the whole day and evening to reflect on the past year personally - as well as on the tribe as a whole. Each member of the tribe is also concerned with the outlook, visions, wishes and goals for the coming year. Various activities are discussed among the tribal members and usually focal topics crystallize for the tribal development, which are deepened together.


In addition to the open-air cinema night, the programme also includes the traditional party with campfire, as well as performances in which the children and young people play sketches about the adults. In addition, there are new topics to which the tribe devotes itself every year. At the last festival, the theme of "likatic fairy tales, myths and songs" was dealt with by various groups. They wrote likatic fairy tales and composed and texted their own likatic songs. Another day was designed with sensual-social actions.


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