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Moon and sun festivals

Moon festivals

The moon has always been a symbol for femininity, for feelings, for change, transformation and for the unconscious. Through the moon we participate in the eternal rhythm of light and darkness, of dying and rebirth. Women in particular have a strong relationship to the moon through their menstrual cycle. The women's community of the Likatier therefore celebrates at least a small festival on a full moon and a new moon. The design is very different - the perception of the respective moon, the feeling, the contact with the rhythms of nature and the own connection to these rhythms are in the foreground.

The festivals usually take place outside. It is interesting here that the presence of water has an increasing effect on the effect of the moon, which is why many festivals are celebrated in or by the water. Some of the likatic women have already taken a (certainly very short) bath in the Lech during a full moon night in February or have already made several hikes around the lakes lying in the Füssener Land. The new moon festivals are often associated with a preoccupation with the themes of saying goodbye, dying, transformation and change and inspire less "frolicsome actions" such as Lechbad in winter than with a quiet but intensive introspection. Both the full moon and the new moon festivals are often interwoven with intensive drumming, which helps the women to reach the trance corresponding to the moon, in which then their own themes corresponding to the energy of the moon clearly come into consciousness.


Sun Festivals and Annual Celebrations

Sun festivals are among other things the four annual circle festivals, which mark the beginning of a new season in each case. (winter solstice, summer solstice, spring equinox and autumn equinox). The tribe of the Likatier celebrates so far the beginning of the new seasons or also other celebrations in the year circle hardly or very simply and so far without expressed ritual. However, the development of an appropriate festival culture is aimed at here. The Likatier have the wish to open all celebrations in the yearly circle, like e.g. also Samhain or Beltane for itself.

However, the tribal members do not claim to adopt any clichéd rituals or celebratory cults, but to develop a spiritual culture from their own authentic experience. The goal is to achieve an ever deeper perception of the various spiritual energies and processes of change in the yearly circle and to follow the natural rhythms of nature more and more as a tribe. For the tribe of the Likatier, the annual festivals are also interfaces to deeper dimensions of reality.


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