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World Teacher Festivals
World teachers are people who have given cultural or spiritual impulses to the members of the Likatier tribe and who are revered, loved and celebrated by the tribal members. (e.g. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Gurdjieff, Albert Einstein, Hermann Hesse, Sabine Lichtenfels, Dieter Duhm, Goethe, Alexander Lowen, Wilhelm Reich, Stanislav Grof, Osho, Martin Heidegger and others). They are explicitly defined by the tribe in this function as world teachers.

Image: Martin Heidegger

Celebrations take place in Likatien on the birthdays and days of death of the tribal world teachers or also on the day on which an initiation event took place for the corresponding person. As a rule, the celebration begins with a festive breakfast, to which interested parties are invited. For all world teachers there is a sponsor who prepares the festivals in terms of organisation and content. At the beginning of breakfast the world teacher is toasted and later texts or thoughts of the world teacher are recited or even poems are memorized. The atmosphere at these celebrations is actually always very awake and intense. Thoughts and ideas from witty, revolutionary people are exciting and moving and can get you out of your daily routine. Also in the afternoon there is a - mostly - smaller circle of Likatiern, which concern themselves with the ideas, the music or writings of the world teacher. In the evening there is also a festive dinner and usually a documentary film or similar about/from the world teacher is shown in the evening.


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