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Why a community?

The reasons for living in a community can be very diverse. Basically, many people have a need for more interpersonal contact, for more friendship, for more closeness, security and warmth and for more intimacy. In addition, many people have a human, mental, spiritual, political or even spiritual deficit, which conventional mass society with its existing dominant social structures does not compensate for. In such situations, people look for alternative ways of life that can fulfill these wishes and ideas. These wishes and the reasons for wanting to live in a community are therefore very numerous and very different. Here are a few examples:

  1. You are not alone in community. There is not the loneliness that many people experience in their social isolation. One always has the possibility of interpersonal contact and is in everyday life and above all in emergency situations in a community of friends who are close to one.

  2. Depending on the content of the Community, it is possible to deepen and develop activities, activities and themes in a way that would be very difficult without the Community. For example, organic farming can be implemented much more easily in a community than if fields were to be cultivated alone or with a classic small family. Likewise, special therapeutic activities can take place more easily in cooperation with like-minded people, as alone. It is no different in economic enterprises, where it is much easier to build something together than if you are isolated and only on your own. Since many communities are primarily idealistic in their economic activities despite successful activity, it is possible to work in economic enterprises without becoming a victim of an exaggerated performance principle that usually makes people ill and unhappy.

  3. Communities offer children a beautiful living environment with many human contacts. The children can establish many relationships of trust and trust with a wide variety of people and thus grow up in a colourful and broad spectrum of life impulses. Especially for single mothers communities offer a strong relief, since the presence of many other children takes the attention of their own children and thus prevents that the children are permanently fixed on their own mothers. In addition, mothers in community receive much more personal support than is possible in other lifestyles.

  4. The diversity of people in a community, their exchange with one another and the need to create something together create many synergy effects that guarantee efficiency and consequently allow freedom. Whether in the economic sphere or in matters of day-to-day organisation and care, mutual support can create advantages and reliefs that lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life of each individual. Also, one person's weaknesses are no longer so important because they can easily be compensated by another person's strengths. This confluence of the forces, abilities and talents of individuals within a community enables a wide range of activities and developments.

  5. Age perspective: Many people in contemporary society associate their perspective for old age with a place in an old people's home, far away from family and friends, supported by an idea of loneliness. All generations live together in intact communities and it is of great value to welcome parents, grandparents and great-grandparents into the community or to keep them in the community and to give and guarantee them a place where they can spend their retirement with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Elderly people who are no longer able to care for themselves are of course provided for, cared for and cared for free by the members of the community, which is rarely the case outside of communities.

  6. Nowadays more and more people are striving for a sustainable ecological way of life. Especially with this project, a community proves to be a colossal advantage. This starts with the cars, where you can easily share a car with several people, instead of everyone driving around in their own car. And this extends to the organization of optimal waste recycling, which can be developed much more professionally in a community than in the individual household.

  7. And who has desire to develop its own spiritual culture with own accentuations, which will experience very fast that this attempt is almost not to be realized by humans adjusted on themselves alone. Only in community can a new cultural context be created that meets the demands of a new culture.

These are some examples and reasons why the members of the Likatier tribe have also chosen to live in community. Almost every new member has his own distinctive motives, which has a corresponding effect on the development of the tribe. Thus, the Likatier tribe is open to new developmental impulses and suggestions brought to the tribe by new members according to their own reasons why they want to live in community. The Likatians are prepared to integrate these new forms of development, employment or even new forms of life in general into the tribal structure and life of the tribe. This makes the trunk a very flexible and living structure, which adapts its shape and nature to the needs of man again and again.

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