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in summary

The topic of healing in the original sense, the "becoming healthy again" as a return to true liveliness and the ability to relate, is actually one of the main concerns of the Likatier tribe.

This subject was one of the main motivations that moved the Licatians to establish this tribe.
This theme was also a reason that moved the Likatians to build this tribe as a place to explore and create the framework conditions that could make it possible for people to find their way back from the aberrations of alienation and separation that had separated us from ourselves and from all the beings around us. Yes, the tribe as a living environment and also as a home that makes a way of life and atmosphere possible, where all those involved could once again have the courage to look into the inner armour and degenerations that had developed over thousands of years through cultural, social and spiritual misdevelopments, and thus finally initiate a change. You can find out more about the following topics in the field of healing in Likatien here:



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