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the first modern tribe in Germany on the way to a new, lively culture!
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in summary

With the claim "On the trail of life", the Likatier tribe expresses one of its most important contents and goals. It is a concern of the Licatiern that the entire tribal event, the development of the individual persons, the emergence of the tribe-own culture, the handling with reality, the relationship to plants, animals and humans, the life at all, more and more under the sign of true liveliness is to take place.
On the one hand, the members of the Likatier tribe try to perceive which conventions, cultural processes, attitudes and the like are not in the service of liveliness, but are the basis of an ossified, inanimate basic attitude. And of course the liqueurs try to give their own life and culture a form that serves a living standard of living.

Of course these processes are occasionally connected with painful insights and farewells of habits, but the liqueurs do not only experience life in happiness, joy and enjoyment, but they also know that pain, suffering and misery belong to liveliness. Only when the human being is able to integrate this other side of the medal of life, the vitality becomes particularly intense. These unpleasant conditions are by no means to be rejected, since transformations towards liveliness are usually accompanied by a partial inner death and the associated crises.

But what do the liqueurs understand by liveliness and what does liveliness mean to them?

For the tribal members liveliness is a basic characteristic worth striving for in consciousness, in feelings, in perception and in dealing with the environment, which makes life a constant adventure, an exciting journey. Only the openness for liveliness grants life with all its impulses a scope for development that would not be possible without a willingness for liveliness. According to the Likatians, those who want to be inanimate exclude many facets of life, which ultimately leads to more and more reduction in the spectrum of their own life and experience and their own development possibilities.

Even if the liqueurs rate themselves at 5 on the liveliness scale of 1-100, they are quite sure that an adventurous path to a deep and loving liveliness still lies ahead for them. And finally, to speak with Martin Heidegger, one of the likatic favourite philosophers, the Likatians love and long for "the trembling in the that of being".



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