Tribe of the Likatier - a community with visions of a new, alive culture. Tribe of the Likatier Welcome in Likatien,
the first modern tribe in Germany on the way to a new, lively culture!
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The Likatier tribe has deliberately refrained from suggesting a particular form of life to its members. Thus there are the most different lived forms to the different topics in Likatien. Whether in relationships, at work or in living, everyone becomes happy according to their facon, nobody is urged to do anything, nobody is obliged to do anything. Everyone does what he wants and leaves what he doesn't want.

In the tribe of the Likatier every form of life is welcome, only depending on the will of each individual. Of course, the life forms of an individual are also addressed in between, where the Likatians give each other ideas and impulses and perhaps also sometimes critically illuminate whether the living conditions of this or that are not perhaps worth changing, because they may not fit to the respective tribal member after all. For example, if a person has major social contact problems and feels lonely, but lives in a condominium far away from everyone else, suggestions may be made to improve his social living situation. But ultimately, the decision of the person concerned is respected and accepted by every tribal member.



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