Tribe of the Likatier - a community with visions of a new, alive culture. Tribe of the Likatier Welcome in Likatien,
the first modern tribe in Germany on the way to a new, lively culture!
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It all started with the desire of individual tribal members to deal with their dreams. Dreams were written down, told, interpreted and the subject of dreams has deepened more and more. This dream work culminated during a week in which the tribe of the Likatians worked intensively on the subject of dreams and their own dreams. Some of the tribal members changed the clocks for a week and turned day into night and night into day. We experienced ourselves through the presence of the night closer to the dream consciousness and got more and more access to this great world through "dream exercises" and dream interpretations. Confirmed by the island people of the Senoi, who perceive reality in its complexity primarily through their dream consciousness, more than ten years ago the tribe of the Likatier set out on the path of a dream research, which has greatly enriched their lives and the contemplation of inner, unconscious occupations.

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