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Community movement
The Likatier tribe is part of the worldwide community movement. What is a community movement? There are communities in all continents and in many countries of the world. In addition to New Tribes, there are communities that deal with a wide variety of topics and define the existence of their community through this particular topic. There are those whose members live together because of organic farming, for others it is art, for others it is spiritual directions. Some have found community because of the theme of free love and sexuality, while others prefer to live together for political reasons. Some biocoenoses are active in the craft sector and others in therapeutic directions. There are many reasons why people all over the world have formed and continue to form communities.

More than ever, communities that are part of the global community movement are springing up from the ground. These communities feel solidarity with each other because the people living in community have chosen a communal form of life. This is also the reason why the Likatier tribe belongs to the worldwide community movement. Secondary to this is the focus of the community. Although the themes of many communities are completely contradictory and incompatible, the Community movement focuses on the Community idea itself. Respect for the individual diversity of other communities is a matter of course.

A fundamental characteristic of communities is the need and aspiration to set priorities in certain areas of life or to leave existing conventions of society and to practice new forms of living together or to reflect on old forms of living together.

The tribe of the Likatier belongs to the biocoenoses, which do not define themselves primarily over a subject, but above all over the solidarity, love and loyalty among the members. So the Likatiern are about the people as such. People in their holistic development as community and social beings are at the centre of community life. This means that in the tribe of the Likatier man with all his needs has priority over everything else and the love and loyalty to each other is more important, than appearing objective differences to any topic. This is also one of the main differences between a tribe and other forms of biocoenosis.


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