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New tribe movement

The Likatier tribe not only feels a part of the worldwide New Tribes movement, but is also one of the main representatives of this relatively young movement. While the general community movement, of which the New Tribes movement is a part, had its first precursors as early as the 19th century, the New Tribes are a fairly recent invention.

The idea of this movement is that in the midst of an individualistic and anonymous mass society, people come together to form a tribe. A tribe is a community in which the members pursue the goal of developing an exceptionally high degree of closeness, intimacy, openness, trust and mutual identification and support. It should be a community whose members share as many areas of life as possible, be it through common economic activity, work and living, be it through the creation and life of a common culture or be it through the establishment of relationships and the associated development of new relationships within the new tribe.

The structure of such a New Tribe is intended to overcome the loneliness and isolation of modern people in mass society. Feelings of home, security, home, warmth and being loved can thus regain space. Through the intensity of relationships among the members of a New Tribe, man again experiences the feeling of meaning and meaning that has been lost to many people in today's civilized world. An authentic spiritual tribal culture is also able to embed people back into a fascinating wonder at the mysteries of life, a feeling that has largely been lost in the materialistic mass society. Building a subsistence economy and striving for maximum self-sufficiency and independence is as much a matter of course as living in harmony with nature and avoiding environmental degradation.

In recent decades, several approaches to the formation of such new tribes have emerged on all continents. At present, an ever greater friendship, cooperation and networking is developing among these initiatives, which are spread all over the world.

A great concern of this New Tribes movement is the cooperation with the traditional tribes and indigenous peoples. Here, too, there are already initial contacts which are to be substantially expanded in the near future.

The relationship of the New Tribes to the surrounding mass society is not hostile, but should be a friendly and cooperative one.


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