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Seniors are very welcome!


Due to the numerous visits to the Likatier tribe, it was especially in the last year that more and more elderly people are interested in living in community. While only a few years ago alternative community projects and lifestyles were viewed somewhat mockingly under the title "Exit from society", the idea of more human togetherness is becoming more and more established, especially in the older generations.

This may be primarily because the current social system does not offer visionary and motivating ways of life for older people who - like young people - naturally have a desire for contact, encounter, exchange with other people. Unfortunately, elderly people are generally only offered the opportunity of relatively isolated and lonely life in their own four walls or a place in a retirement home.

The zeitgeist does not convey the positive idea of a cross-generational togetherness, but sets the priority on career-oriented, self-centred youthfulness. For example, it is not conveyed that it is desirable to live together with parents, grandparents or even in clans, but rather that the most individualistic way of life possible is desirable.

Unfortunately, the exclusion of older generations is not only evident in the social, but also in the business and economic environment. The experience, know-how and maturity of older people is not appreciated here. People over 50 years of age who are looking for a job in the labour market are often confronted in an unworthy way with the fact that they are far older than the desired age in the labour market.

n the context of its cultural development, the Likatier tribe has also intensively dealt with this topic and developed completely opposite values. Older people in particular are very welcome in the likatic community, since the tribe members experience the maturity and life experience of older people as enrichment. This is particularly noticeable in the interpersonal contact between children, young people and the elderly, in which an inspiring and refreshing exchange takes place for both sides and these different energies penetrate positively and both the elderly can learn from the young as well as the young from the elderly.

The Likatier tribe also appreciates the experience of old age in the likatic companies, where they enjoy working with people with many years of professional experience and where the energy of old age is a fruitful complement to the dynamics of young people.

Due to the over thirty-year existence of the Likatier tribe, various intergenerational communities have already formed in the tribe, in which the grandchildren are happy about the presence of their grandparents and parents. This exchange, as it was common and natural in the past, is one of the essential factors in the development of the tribe's homeland. For a healthy social structure within a community, the cooperation and coexistence of many generations is absolutely necessary, since not only do many valuable friendships develop among the generations, but also the mutual support through crises, tasks, plans, joys and suffering in the embedding of several generations receives a deeper and further quality. Based on their experiences, older people can also convey the relativity of difficult or even hopeless situations for a young person, while young people, through their dynamism and innocent liveliness, can give some valuable impetus to the development of life and antirigidization, especially for older people.


In addition, the tribe of the Likatier also strives for the realization of intergenerational living and life projects, which are offered not only to tribal members but also to people who do not have the possibility to live together with their own children and grandchildren as a field of life. The aim is to offer a place for people who do not want to find themselves in classic retirement homes, where they primarily experience the feeling of being in seclusion, not being used.

The intergenerational housing projects planned by the Likatier tribe are primarily intended to be a place of liveliness, encounter, home, friendship and being used by the inhabitants.

Therefore, the Likatier tribe is especially pleased about guests from the older generation who are interested in living in community, and of course also about idealistic and financial support with which the above described living and working projects can be realized.


If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Ulrike Driendl, Phone: 08362/38993 or e-mail:





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