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Tribal Circles

In the Likatier tribe there are different tribal circles that symbolize the different degrees of admission to the tribe and represent the different types of memberships. This model is the result of the experience that people have very different needs regarding the question of how much they want to get involved with the tribe. In order to do justice to this diversity, it was necessary to create different types of membership where everyone can choose the form of membership that suits him and his needs.

The structure of the tribal circles looks like a mandala. In the middle are the most existential people embedded in the tribe and the further outward the circles lie, the more non-binding is the relationship to the tribe. Next come the swormen, then the track men, the living men and in the outermost circle the lamatidies. Through all tribal circles it is possible to distinguish between the Intieden and the Autieden.

The tribal circles understand themselves in such a way that the members of an inner circle are automatically also members of all outer circles, because they also fulfill the characteristics of the outer circles. For example, a trace person is automatically also a living person and a lamatiede. A swordman is at the same time also a trace person, a living person and a lamatiede.

Belonging to a tribal circle also determines the social title that a person receives as the first part of his tribal name. A male member of the Lebemenschen tribe has the social title "Lebemann".

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