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Deep ecology
The Likatier tribe sees itself as part of the deep ecological movement founded in 1972 by Norwegian philosophy professor and environmentalist Arne Naess, which is becoming increasingly important worldwide. As "Deep Ecology" it is probably the most influential trend in the American ecological movement and is also becoming more and more noticeable in England and Australia. Since the 1992 Rio Conference on Environmental Protection, there have also been significantly increased initiatives on deep ecology in Germany.

The destruction of our environment has reached dramatic proportions. Modern civilization has largely decoupled itself from natural processes and rhythms and thus developed a way of life that is not sustainable. It leaves future generations with a severely damaged environment and a way of life in which social security is declining and mental illnesses are increasing.

Deep ecology criticizes conventional environmental protection as "mechanical" and in the service of politicians and the economy rather as an alibi to continue as before. She sees the root of the ecological crisis primarily in the human and world view of Western civilization. In order to develop a sustainable and sustainable way of life, rethinking and changing our system of values and thinking are of primary importance. It is about a redefinition of man in his role in this world. Man is part of a living whole, where all living beings have their equal place.

Deep ecology is a movement that counteracts the uprooting and alienation of man and leads to a holistic, spiritual, ecological and living way of life.

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