Tribe of the Likatier - a community with visions of a new, alive culture. Tribe of the Likatier Welcome in Likatien,
the first modern tribe in Germany on the way to a new, lively culture!
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Children in the tribe of the Likatier

A tribe that wants to come to life needs children!

Since the tribe of the Likatier exists, there are also children in the community. For the tribal members, they are a special source of vitality and a guide for many activities, as the children are even more unbroken in their natural impulses and feelings. For the tribe, they are teachers in many ways: Where do we learn to "love unconditionally" more? Where do we encounter life more than in the mystery of procreation, pregnancy, birth, fatherhood and motherhood? The children live "in the middle of the community" - they create a dense network of friendships and relationships. They take part in tribal festivals and are of course also the occasion of many festivals: naming ceremonies, placenta burial, birthdays, transition to adulthood, etc.


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