Tribe of the Likatier - a community with visions of a new, alive culture. Tribe of the Likatier Welcome in Likatien,
the first modern tribe in Germany on the way to a new, lively culture!
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in summary

For the Likatians, spirituality is expressed most deeply in their longing for liveliness. By approaching the truth of life, i.e. living truly, the Likatians develop their access to spirituality. They have a deep need for authenticity and authenticity. In cultural development in general and spirituality in particular, the Likatians attach great importance to developing their own kind. They don't want to take over something and make it fit, which isn't theirs at all, just as they don't necessarily want to remain in traditions into which they were born. Thus they move in direct contact with their inner reality in the realization of their spirituality.

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