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in summary

The transitions of life are moments when people reach their limits, where they cross thresholds. Life seems to be condensed in such events. It is interesting to note that every transition is strongly linked to a symbolism of death. Every birth is always also an event "between life and death". As a child grows up, the child "dies" on one level. At the end of his life, the dying person is confronted very concretely with his physical death. The way a man dies, he lives. These moments of "death", of "transformation", precisely where life demands from us a step into the unknown, are particularly suitable for tracking down "life" in all its depth.

In the Patriarchate's state of consciousness, death is strongly denied and rejected. He is perceived there as a cruel and irrevocable separation. That is why it is so difficult for people today to find a positive relationship to dying, especially in everyday life - the many "small deaths" that are important for maturing in life. In the state of consciousness of the matriarchate, death is an important aspect of life, which is in constant change. Death is a transition, a transformation in the cycle of life.

In many cultures there are aids for these "transitions" in the form of transition rituals. These rituals help those affected to mobilize psychological and spiritual powers that otherwise lie in secret. They help to overcome uncertainties and fears and to face the new situation completely.

Over the years, support for these transitions has developed in the Likatier tribe. In some cases, the first approaches of rituals can be found, which arose entirely from the experience of the tribal members. On the one hand the tribe of the Likatier rejects "top-heavy" adoption of rituals from other cultures, but on the other hand already advocates the development of tribe-own rituals, which arise as natural needs and necessities in tribal life.

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