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To express the essence of the world and to grasp the principles of life, the concept of the mother-goddess was manifested by some tribal members. For many Likatians, she represents the Great Creator, from whom life arises, but who also means transformation and death. She is the Great Mama and symbolizes the attitude to life of home, security and trust, which are the feelings that spiritually reflect the deepest longings of the Likatiern. That many Likatians do not believe in a male god, but in a female goddess, is due to the fact that the most important happiness sensations that exist for man are the result of states that have something to do with the mysterious original relationship between man and his mother. The wholeness of reality is perceived by many Licatiern as motherly, which is why it was obvious for them to experience the all-encompassing divine as maternal-divine, i.e. as mother-goddess. For her, the relationship with the Mother-Goddess is not a vaguely arbitrary matter of faith, but the result of her perception of reality.



For many Likatians, the mother goddess in her wholeness symbolizes the principle of transformations of becoming and passing away. It gives life, gives abundance and brings chaos and decay, so that something new can emerge again - an everlasting cycle. The three aspects of the goddess provide insight into the faces of this transformation.

  • The first aspect of the Mother-Goddess is the Virgin, the White Goddess. With it all life arises, nature blossoms, the sun rises and spring comes hand in hand.

  • When the sun is at its zenith, the fields blow in the wind in summer full of bulging ears of grain, the second aspect of the mother-goddess, representing the mature woman, who is an erotic, sensual being, works just like the nourishing, caring mother. She is also known as the Red Goddess.

  • The third face in this series is that of a wise old woman who can be an advising grandmother or great-grandmother. It is the power of transformation, change and death. She is the Black Goddess, the bone collector, destroyer, mystery keeper.


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