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Lech games

Every year in August the likatic Lechspiele take place. They are characterised by the fact that all disciplines take place either in the Lech or in contact with the Lech and the ice-cold water of the Lech. The excitement in the tribe before the Lechspiele is already days before big. The disciplines are kept secret by the referee and preparation team until the start of the matches, so that particularly ambitious tribal members do not have to spend secret training hours in advance (which has already happened). Only the supreme discipline is known to everyone, and that is the crossing of the Lech. The tribe is already haggling weeks and months before who are the best and strongest swimmers of Likatien, who can be sent to the start by their team.

All other disciplines are team competitions. The teams are diverse, from the youngest, who can barely walk, to the oldest, almost seventy-year-old tribal members. Everybody wants to be there, and everybody has a lot of fun here. Starting with relay races in knee-high Lech water on stony ground to ball games in the water, building stone towers and surfboard paddling at speed. Of course it's about which team is the fastest, the best, the most skilful, but the focus is clearly on the great social experience, the funny get-together with all the many people. At the end of the Lech games there will be a dinner followed by an award ceremony, which usually leads to a cosy get-together with campfire, guitar and singing.

Background of the likatic Lech games is the intensive and multi-layered relationship that the Likatians have had to the Lech for many years and which they carry within themselves - also in reference to the Celtic culture that once ruled here. The Lech plays are an expression of many other obeisances that the Likatians offer in their love relationship to the Lech and its inherent beings.

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