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placental funerals
Whenever a new child is born in the trunk of the Likatier, the parents hold a party in the weeks following, during which the child's placenta is buried on a trunk plot and a tree or shrub is planted on the placenta for the child at the same time. The fathers are primarily responsible for digging the hole and planting the tree, while the mothers of the newborn children place the respective placenta in the dug hole, emphasizing in solemn words the relationship of the child to Mother Earth and the ancestors and handing over the spirit of the child present in the placenta to the tree. This ritual goes back to a tradition that has been celebrated in this region since ancient times. According to their analogous world view, this plant then represents a picture of the respective child for the Likatier, is to a certain extent the child itself. Accordingly, they see these trees and shrubs as living symbols for their children, and they are therefore particularly valuable and worthy of protection.




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