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Ancestor and kinship feasts

Ancestors and relatives have a special value in the life of the Likatier. Festivities of various ancestors and relatives are often celebrated. It is up to each tribal member to decide to what extent they want to develop in this area. Usually, however, many tribal members remember the birth, wedding or death days of their ancestors, and then at some point in the day toast them in any circle of people - but usually in the circle of their descendants. Sometimes there are even festive events, such as a coffee drink or a nice breakfast. During this event the ancestor is commemorated. The tribal member may then tell anecdotes and stories from the life of the celebrated person, describe them in their traits and character, so that the guests get a picture of this person. If it is round birthdays or days of death, then the events are occasionally somewhat more extensive. For example, slide shows are given or the tribal members visit the place where the ancestor lived to visit his birthplace or simply experience and perceive the area where the ancestor lived and worked. In any case, all descendants of the celebrated person who live in the tribe are always present, that is partly already three generations. During this celebration, guests usually memorize the ancestral line from the tribal member to the celebrated ancestor.

The members of the tribe of the Likatier also have great desire to celebrate with relatives. Many tribal members take care of the birthdays or other holidays of their relatives so that they can enjoy the day to the full and have nothing to worry about. The day is designed according to the ideas of the relatives and often the whole tribe helps with the preparations and the celebration.

From time to time there are also kinship celebrations, which are real tribal affair. Since many of the tribe members carry out genealogical research, there have already been several cases in the tribe in which it was discovered that two tribe members have common ancestors and are thus related. Such a discovery is then a reason for the whole tribe to celebrate and all festival participants learn the ancestral line between the two tribe members by heart. In this essay of the ancestral line each of the ancestors involved is to be appreciated.


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