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Tribal games at special events

An older couple lies in deck chairs on the balcony of a farmhouse in the Allgäu and enjoys the sun. Suddenly they startle because they hear screams and all kinds of voices in close proximity. On a nearby meadow, numerous people jump from several sides towards a flag in the middle of the meadow. The first one grabs her, runs back, the others follow him, obviously to take off his flag, he quickly gets into a waiting car on the road, slams the door shut and drives away quickly. The pursuers look puzzled and out of breath for a while after the car, then walk a bit back the road to another car, with which they then also drive away. The holidaymakers witnessed a sequence of a tribal game of the Likatier.

A truck driver is on his way to cross the border between Bavaria and Tyrol. He comes to a small place. From a distance he sees a bunch of people in front of the first house. At first it looked as if they were all on top of each other. As he approached, the driver saw that a man had a bundle of flags about one meter long in his hand, which he tried to crawl to the front door. The others - there were probably about five people, either tugging at the bundle of flags and trying to snatch it from him, or holding the man on the ground to prevent him from coming to the house. At first, the truck driver was unsure whether someone might get robbed and get involved, but then he realized that it wasn't entirely serious that this was some kind of game. Slowly he drove on. He witnessed another sequence of the same likatic tribal game that the holidaymakers were already wondering about.

What was this game? The Likatier celebrated an increase in real estate. They had thought up a game in which there were several teams. On each of the properties scattered for miles there was a flag, which, however, was sometimes very difficult to find. The teams had the task of collecting these flags and handing them over to the referees in a certain house. However, the participating groups had the right to chase each other's flags and prevent each other from bringing flags into the referee's house. The team that had given the most flags up to a certain point in time had won.

If the tribe of the Likatier gets a round number of members by the admission of a new member, for example 150 Lebemenschen (the next time with 200 Lebemenschen) or 600 Lamatieden (the next time with 700 Lamatieden), then this event is the natural time, where the tribe does not only make a usual celebration, like with each new admission, but also particularly an all-day celebration with a tribal play. Similar occasions are round numbers of tribal houses or tribal real estate. But there are also other special occasions, such as when the first tribal member reaches a level of tribal names that no one has yet reached. Lastly, this was the 7th degree that one had reached, having managed to find out all 128 main clans of his ancestors through genealogy. The next time a tribal game takes place, when the first liqueur has got his 8th degree of the tribal name, for which the person concerned must have found out his 256 main clans. These were just examples of occasions for such tribal games. However, the nature of such occasions is not fixed. If a special event occurs that seems important enough to the Likatiern, then also here a tribal game is organized.

The neighbours have become accustomed to something unusual happening now and then, be it that suddenly three people rummage through a huge pile of snow, be it that a girl runs along the street screaming with rage because another girl has just wrung an object from her, be it that three people on a roof try to enter the house through a skylight or be it that a group of people is holding a loud victory celebration in the garden, to which of course not only the winning team is invited. One or the other neighbour has already asked whether he is allowed to play and celebrate and you can see him laboriously searching in the snow for a cloth with one of the 128 clan names on it.

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