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Real estate welcome parties

When the Likatier tribe has bought a new property - be it a house, a piece of forest, a plot of land or arable land - the whole tribe celebrates a welcome party.

The Likatians experience real estate as a living, intrinsic part of the tribe. From now on a new property belongs to the tribe and all tribe members identify with it. The tribe would never buy and sell a property for speculative reasons. The purchase of a property is an act that also has its meaning on the spiritual level and causes the tribal members to handle the new house or property carefully and appropriately.

And so we celebrate what we can do... and each new property has its very own celebration, its very individual touch. Celebrations on the occasion of a new forest or arable land usually take place outside. Drinks are distributed and toasted and each tribal member should have seen the exact property borders once, and/or expired. Sometimes there are house greetings, which end in a long evening full of music and good mood. Other houses require a cautious approach and coming into contact, where it would be inappropriate to celebrate a wild and noisy party. Only one thing is certain - every liqueur, whether big or small loves the real estate welcome parties - just as the liqueurs love their houses and properties, which they express accordingly in their festive joy.


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