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in summary
Christmas is also a very central celebration in the Likatien tribe. The Likatians see an ancient theme represented at Christmas time and especially at Christmas: the birth of light in the deepest darkness as the mystery of hope and redemption of a primeval human longing that has found some form of cultural expression since the beginning of humanity. The symbolism of this process, widespread in Christianity, does not correspond to the spiritual contents widespread in Likatien, but in the view of the Likatier as a symbolic level of representation, is nevertheless suitable to represent the mystery of the birth of light.

The way Christmas is celebrated in Likatien has changed a lot over the years. At the very beginning, many tribal members celebrated with their own parents because they were so young themselves. Only some met on Christmas Eve at their meeting point in Weißensee to be together. The first children were increasingly celebrated together, mostly in the individual houses in which they lived, later in the evening they also visited each other.

There was a time when the adult tribesmen refused gifts because of the excessive importance of gifts, because they did not want to let Christmas degenerate so consumeristically. They did not want Christmas to be all about gifts, and their children lost the true value of this celebration, which for the Likatians lies above all in the design and perception of the mystical Christmas atmosphere. The liqueurs placed more emphasis on the setting in which the festival took place. So they decorated the houses elaborately with homemade stars, window pictures and the like and organized a program instead of the traditional presents, e.g. with singing and a walk to the Schwansee, where a snow bar was built up. Theatre performances were also staged, with tribal members of all ages, but above all the children. Once they played a play about the wild goddess Percht. She is the ruler of the Rough Nights, the dark period between Christmas and the Holy-Three-King.

Because of the frustration of the children, it was decided to give something to all children together instead of giving something to anyone or to each individual. So it happened that the children found a part for a large racetrack, for example, in every package that opened one. And in others a puppet theatre with handmade clay dolls. Many tribal members were depicted in one of the dolls. Of course, the most obvious thing to do was to use these dolls to reenact scenes from tribal life. It was a special Christmas with many sketches and "train rides through life".


Because the adult tribal members did not want their children to feel disadvantaged, the personal gifts were very soon reintroduced. Since the tribe has the opportunity for all tribal members to celebrate together under one roof, the Christmas celebrations have become even more intense, cosy and social. Despite the many people there is a very contemplative atmosphere. Especially the children are happy that everyone is so close together for such a long time. Already days before the whole house was festively decorated. Red cloths transform the walls, adorned with countless golden stars that also hang from the ceiling. Everything shines in the splendour of the forthcoming festival.

Because so many people now live in the tribe, they are divided into several Christmas groups that celebrate in different rooms throughout the house. Each group has a Christmas tree that is purchased with a complete root ball in the pot, as the felling of trees is usually rejected in the trunk. In spring the trees are then replanted on the likatic plots.

Only the children tend to receive gifts because most adult tribal members have spoken out against gifts. Although the gifts are very important for the children, the Likatier tribe tries not to place the handing over of the gifts in the foreground. After the common dinner in the mentioned groups, one sings extensively - usually traditional Christmas carols, although the tribal members are anxious to develop in the future additionally also still own Christmas carols. After the singing usually a night torch parade takes place with almost all present and only after the return the groups gather again to distribute the gifts. The next days we still sing, play and sit together comfortably and talk a lot.


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