Tribe of the Likatier - a community with visions of a new, alive culture. Tribe of the Likatier Welcome in Likatien,
the first modern tribe in Germany on the way to a new, lively culture!
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Anniversary and special occasion celebrations
Life in the tribe is incomparable with the life of a conventional person growing up in our society. Hardly a day goes by in the tribe without something exciting, unusual, surprising happening that affects, touches or inspires everyone in a special way. The life in the trunk pulsates so densely and multi-dimensionally that if you are not in the trunk for a few days, you certainly miss an interesting event or a roaring party. Not least because there are always outstanding events and occasions in the tribe that want to be celebrated in a fitting manner.

What is a happy moment or a feeling of joy for the ordinary private person is a feast for the tribe. Happy or special events all come equally to the tribe, and all want to celebrate it. In addition to the fixed celebrations such as Christmas, Easter or birthdays, these are also spontaneous celebrations at which about a ten-year tribal membership, a twenty-year friendship, a paternity, the one hundred tribal members, a successful house purchase, a special economic success etc. etc. are celebrated. The festivals of the tribe usually have the intention to honour what is to be celebrated and to give it love and affection and attention, no matter whether it is about a person, a house, a meadow, friendship or some joyful event. At every festival one can also observe that something like a being, a fetish spirit emerges, which captures and captivates those celebrating. Too bad for those who weren't there. As a consolation, however, there remains the certainty that everything can be told in minute detail afterwards.

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